rvm + gemsets + TextMate == yay!

So I started playing with rvm a while back and loved the concept of being able to have a gems(et) for each project to completely eliminate gem clashing.

So I now have an .rvmrc in each project directory with the necessary gems installed, no more, no less.

I also have a global gem set that has common gems in it that I use all over the place and aren’t really project specific so I don’t have to install them in every gems(et). Thanks Wayne!

Now, to take it to the next level I wanted to be able to use ⌘+^+R to run the current Cucumber scenario. So I needed to get TextMate aware of my rvm gems(et). This requires setting 3 project specific variables in TextMate.


To get TM_RUBY cd into your project with a .rvmrc in it or set the environment with rvm your_ruby%gemset then run

which ruby

To get GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH run

env | grep GEM

To set these in your project you need to have the project drawer open and nothing selected, then click the “I” button in the bottom corner, then you can add your variables.

I tried to think up a way to have TextMate read the .rvmrc in the project directory, but I wasn’t able to get anything to setup the environment. If anybody has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.