Rails templates

Ok, I admit I’m a little late to the party.

I finally stumbled onto the rails templates and really like the idea. I was using bort but I wasn’t all that hapy with some of the decisions they made, like rolling all the migrations into one monolithic beast.

I took the forked version of bort and turned it into a rails template. Very nice.

You can find “strappy here”:http://github.com/pixels-and-bits/strappy/tree/master

The next step I plan on is making the “restful_authentication”:http://github.com/technoweenie/restful-authentication/tree/master generator build specs with 100% coverage. I see no reason to start an app at 88%

TextMate mini-Bundle

Use TextMate? Can’t stand trailing whitespace in your code?

Here is a mini-Bundle that wraps a macro around ⌘-S to strip trailing whitespace and save the doc.

“Strip Whitespace on Save”:http://underpantsgnome.com/assets/2008/10/28/Strip_Whitespace_on_Save.zip

Just unzip it and double-click it.

If you want to change the shortcut, open the Bundle Editor and change it in the settings.

bort, sweet

I found “bort”:https://github.com/fudgestudios/bort/tree through “This Week in Rails”:http://weblog.rubyonrails.com/2008/9/24/this-week-in-rails-september-24-2008 and thought it was awesome. So of course I forked it and started making tweaks to fit it into the apps I normally build.

Today I got to thinking that it might be nice to be able to easily update an existing bort based app to have the new features, like when they added OpenID this weekend. So I wrote a script to setup a new bort app or update an existing bort based app.

Warning the script is very new and hasn’t been used extensively so if you use it make sure you can easily roll back the changes. Like only applying an update to an app that is a clean state so that you can rollback the changes.

Here is my fork of “bort”:https://github.com/UnderpantsGnome/bort/tree

Weekend Diversion

If you are a Neil Patrick Harris and/or a Joss Whedon fan, “here’s something”:http://www.drhorrible.com/ for you.

GemTools updates

So I found that I had borked the binary at some point. That’s what I get for not having the tests in yet. I fixed that in 0.0.3.

I just added a setup command that will create a gems.yml stub in a new project.