Just some random chuckles

Some of the stuff you find on the interwebs are disturbing, yet very very funny.

“Where are the dogs humping”:http://www.wherearethedogshumping.com/

“Sexy People”:http://renz-o.blogspot.com/

That’s enough for now. Enjoy.

New Gems

I have created Gem versions of the ConfigReader plugin and GemTools plugin.

You can install them with

sudo gem install config_reader


sudo gem install gem_tools

The source is on GitHub.

GitHub oops...

So I realized that when I imported all my stuff to GitHub I spaced on setting the svn.authorsfile on a few. So I deleted and reimported them from svn.

If there’s a better way to fix that kind of thing, somebody let me know.

Location Watcher for OS X

So this morning in the office we were discussing the hassle of swapping out host files based on whether we were in the office or on the outside. I said “You know if I wasn’t so lazy I’d write an AppleScript to do it for me when the network changed”.

This evening I went looking to see if somebody had already do it for me and I found this LocationChanger which was very close to what I wanted. But…

I didn’t want to be limited to only 2 locations (work and home) and I wanted it to be a little easier to manage what happened for each location. So I started with Onne’s code and ended up with Location Watcher.

Enjoy it. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

GitHub for the win

So I’ve moved all the stuff that is currently hosted on svn.underpantsgnome.com to GitHub.

The stuff will continue to be accessible for a while, but I will not be posting any updates. In addition I will be setting the trac pages to redirect to GitHub shortly as well.