Yawn... Stretch...

What’d I miss?? So I’ve been in a cave for a little over a year. I know, I know.

I was working for a company that had me doing things that really didn’t pertain to the real world so I didn’t have much to say.

Well, I’m back and working on some goodies. It sure feels good.

I’ll post updates as I have things worth sharing.


If you were a Twitter user and it all of a sudden tanks… It’s all my fault, I created a Twitter account.

Again, My apologies.

RcovNotifier a CruiseControl.rb plugin

So I stumbled onto CruiseControl.rb a couple days ago, yeah I’ve been under a rock, very nice. I’ve already switched from continuous_builder plugin. Being able to browse the output of past builds is nice. I’ve also set it up to drop the rcov reports into the artifacts so they are easily viewable as well.

I also wrote a plugin to monitor your rcov coverage and if t falls outside of a specified range you get email. Yay, good ole public shaming.

More info on RcovNotifier

Rails Plugins

Most folks wont much care about these, but I’ve taken some code I found myself using in every project I worked on and made them plugins to make life a little easier.

The current plugins are GemTools (previously mentioned on the blog), Core Extensions and Config Reader. More info here.

HpricotScrub is now a Gem

I turned HpricotScrub into a Gem so that it’s easier to use across projects.

You can find the RubyForge project here and the Trac is here

sudo gem install hpricot_scrub